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Books and DVD’s for entertainment & inspiration, also to help out with schooling, jumping, course design. New titles added as available.

Jappeloup – DVD – $29.95

The 1980’s  inspirational,  true story of a horse deemed too small to become a champion and Pierre Durand who with his fathers backing abandons a promising legal career to follow his true passion – Show jumping.  Gambling everything on a young horse regarded as too small, too stubborn, too impetuous, he has many faults but nonetheless has a remarkable jumping ability.  An amazing story, after disaster at the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the 1988 Seoul Olympics are loomimg…

101 Jumping Exercises – Linda Allen – $29.95

Linda Allen, a world class horse-woman, former Grand Prix Competitor, and designer of international Show Jumping courses, teaches you the exercises every horse and rider ought to know, from the simplest skills to the most complex techniques.  Suitable for novices, trainers, instructors experienced competition riders.

200+ School Exercises with poles – Claire Lilley – $39.95

This book can help you ride with precision and improve your horse’s way of going, while adhering to the scales of training.Use different layouts to check whether you are sitting straight, turning correctly, and riding transitions and lateral movements properly – perfect for schooling alone.  Invaluable resource for instructors including teacher tips along with aims and common rider faults.

Jump Course Design Manual – Susan Tinder – $34.95

How to plan and set Practice courses for Schooling, Hunter, Jumper and Equitation Riders.  132 Grids, Gymnastic excercises and Courses.  Includes tips for measuring distances, space saving configurations and ideas for Indoor and Outdoor arenas, everything you need to know to set up your own Jump Courses.

Young Persons Guide to Show Jumping – Tim Stockdale/Pony Club UK – $21.95

Tim has experience as being one of the worlds leading riders and trainers. He offers straightforward and practical advice, invaluable not just to young riders but anyone keen to improve their show jumping performance 

Threshold Picture Guides  – $11.95

No. 24 –  Show Jumping – Jane Wallace

No. 26 – Poles and Gridwork – Jane Wallace