Horse Height Conversion – Hands to Cms

EA Time Allowed Mtrs per Second



What You Will Need:

  • PDIY hand painted jump railsoles – 100mm x Required Length (3m, 3.5m, 4m)
  • 4 Inch Nails (2 Per Pole)
  • Good Quality 2 Inch Paint Brush
  • Paint


  1. Trim all poles to same length
  2. Hammer nail to approx. ½ its length into both ends of the pole.
  3. Hang by nails onto cups of jumpwings so they turn freely.
  4. Sand off any rough edges and fill any cracks with exterior gap filler.
  5. With an acrylic undercoat paint both ends of poles – where nail is inserted and approx. 20cm along length of pole.  (When painting a set of rails) if you do both ends first, by the time you paint the whole pole the opposite end should be touch dry so you can still handle the pole to turn while painting.
  6. Once undercoated repeat the same with 1-2 coats of exterior white acrylic gloss.
  7. When dry, measure and pencil mark for the stripes. For a basic 3 stripe on a 3mt rail mark 5 x 60cm sections. If using narrow striping generally 10cm is okay – anything narrower gets a bit fiddly.
  8. Using a good quality acrylic gloss,  starting from the ends again paint in your coloured top coat.  When painting the edge of your stripe, just hold your brush steady and slowly rotate the pole fully to get a nice clean edge.  It takes a little practice  but gets easier once you’ve painted a few. We’ve never used tape on poles, you will get a much nicer edge using the method above.

Leave to dry off completely for 1-2 days, then use a small chock of wood under your hammer to remove the nails easily.  Now stand back and admire your beautiful new poles.